Front-End Ninja (aka Frontend-Dev)

Gurgaon, Haryana, India | Full-time


Interview Flow :

  1. Application process:

    1. Please Fill the following questionnaire : Link

    2. Upload the resume to Recruiterbox

  2. Interview details if shortlisted:

    1. Written test followed by a Q/A session

    2. Must show demo of at least one professional project/website

Job Profile:


You will be expected to use your Ninja skills to re-imagine and create UI’s which people from all over the world will be using to save time and enhance their experience with TollMeQuick.

Other than using your usual Swords, Blades and Shuriken(a.k.a HTML, CSS,  Jquery, Javascrypt) you will be charming the ‘Python’ to create awesome views in ‘Django Framework’.


You will be involved in the entire lifecycle of a project, including strategy, vision, design, UX, coding, architecture, deployment etc, and will be chiefly expected to deliver clean, testable and well-designed code for the same.


Candidate Profile

Basic candidate profile:

  • Experience with:

    • Linux, Git

    • HTML, CSS, Jquery, Javascrypt or AngularJS

    • Photoshop/Gimp or similar image editing software

    • Python

  • Desirable experience:

    • Knowledge of Django web framework.

    • Experience of working with RESTful APIs and Django/Jinja Templates or similar.

    • If you don’t have experience with Django it is expected that you have worked with other frameworks like PHP, Node.js etc


  • 0-3 years of development experience

  • Having a StackOverflow profile with good reputation and Github portfolio is a plus

  • People who have a knack to hack things and who are fast learners would be preferred

  • It doesn't matter if you’re coming fresh out from the college; what required is to have Passion for working in a fast growing start-up and knowledge of programming.


Personal Attributes:


  • High energy level

  • Excellent team work

  • Ability to smartly deliver on deadlines


About TollMeQuick is rethinking the way people pay their parking and highway toll tickets. We provide technology solutions to enable electronic ticket collection of parking and highway toll fares using smartphones and image-recognition.


Being a young, technology driven startup we provide employees with tremendous potential for growth and opportunities to work and learn on cutting edge technologies.


When we are not developing cutting edge technology we eat and breathe open-source.  You can expect to work and contribute back to open-source projects of your choice.


Our office is located in Gurgaon, Haryana


Job Perks:

  • Tremendous opportunity for growth

  • Employee Stock options, based on performance and merit

  • Interact with millions of users and see direct impact of your decision making

  • Work in conducive environment and culture based on mutual respect

  • We offer ‘Creative Saturdays’ with alternate Saturdays off(Get in-touch to know more).

  • Contribute to Open-source projects:  We encourage giving back to the community in forms of contributions to existing projects or even create your own.


Front-end Developer, Javascrypt, Jquery, CSS, HTML5, Django Django python developer, Python web development, Python full-stack deployment, Python enthusiast, Frontend enthusiast, Python, Django



Incase of any queries email at: